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Leader in social innovation and design for all development worldwide

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What we do?

We act on the environment, products and services so that their design and operation fit the needs arising from the diversity of users. 
In ProASolutions.pt Lda. we imagine, research, design and implement solutions that are usable by all, within the field domains of architecture, urban planning, accessibility, mobility, information and communication technologies (ICT), tourism, products and services design.
We like challenges. The difficulties and constraints of each new project encourage us to outperform every time in successfully completing our work.
The solutions we present are sustainable and integrated. We guarantee the efficiency in the use of available resources, environmentally, socially and economically. 
We are convinced that to achieving excellency in project’s execution is necessary a complete engagement with the project, feeling each one of them as "own". At the same time, involving and engaging all stakeholders ensuring that the final outcome actually are solutions for them.