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What we do?


We prepare projects for construction, rehabilitation, recovery and adaptation of buildings and equipment.
We understand “architecture” as the art of shaping and improving the space through the man intervention.
It is the Architect the one who designs and builds better environments for others. Others ... in all their diversity. Tall, short, old, kids, pregnant, blind, thin, mute, overweight, literate, athletic, illiterate, mobility challenged… all of human diversity.
The highest responsibility of an architect is to ensuring that his/her work constitutes a vehicle to achieving society’s progress and development. 
The architecture has an “integrating” function, with all word meanings and implications. 
The users - in all their diversity - and how they understand, make use and make own the environment they interact with it, are for us the starting point of any project that we overtake and develop taking into account the functional issues, safety, comfort and aesthetics.