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GIS and webmapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) run over massive databases becoming necessary tools for effective territorial analysis and management, providing a rigorous analytics to supporting trustworthy decision making processes.
We specialize in the collection and processing of spatial information, ensuring its integrity and updated data by designing and developing geographic data base able to meet all needs. 
We use this detailed territorial knowledge to build our intervention proposals.
We develop GIS tools and applications running under open source platforms. 
This constitutes a huge advantage for our clients, partners and end-users, meaning reduced cost of ownership (acquisition and licensing), benefiting from a complete freedom from commercial software producers arbitrary and unilateral choices.
The age and current society are also known as the “Communication Society Era”. Direct access to reliable information is a challenge, but also an objective that must be achieved in consolidating an ever more just and participative society. 
Consequently, and with the intention of spreading the wide use of geographic information, streamline and simplify municipal services administrative processes, we guarantee access for all to the collected information through WebSIGs (GISs that we make available on our clients’ web pages). WebSIGs also facilitate citizens’ direct participation through associated forums where it is possible placing forward suggestions and comments related to accessibility or other relevant information.
To help people – all people - finding the best way to get to their destination and enjoying the best journey, we have created “WALKOME®”
“WALKOME®” I a mobile app under that allows anyone to calculate accessible footpaths on spot. Users set their origin and destination points and own capabilities and limitations – if any -. Then, the app calculates a pedestrian route, providing distance to be walked, estimated time required and information mean slope, thus required effort. The app also provides information about direction changes and possible obstacles along the route.
“WALKOME®” provides to the city a competitive edge as touristic destination. It discloses to the visitors the location of local heritage and sites of interest. Even more, shows the accessibility level of the building and surroundings; accessibility services; assets and equipment; the means of transportation available nearby and other relevant accessibility information. “WALKOME®” helps both citizens and tourists to plan their routes accordingly to own needs and limitations. Thus, becoming and extraordinary marketing tool for the city.